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Continuing Education

Three ( 3 ) elements must be present in the following sequence:
1. The ball is " KICKED " ( Played with the foot ) by a Teammate of the Goalkeeper.
2. The action is deemed to be DELIBERATE by the Referee ( not the Coach or spectators )
    and not a DEFLECTION.
3. The Goalkeeper HANDLES the ball directly without intervening touch or play of the ball
    by anyone else.
If and when in the opinion of the Referee ALL three  ( 3 ) elements are present a violation has occurred.
The Red Goalkeeper punts the ball passed the halfway-line The Blue Player who has won the battle for the possession of the ball apparently passes in the direction of HIS Fullback, but the ball actually enters space
where a Red Attacker actively pressures for control.
The ball chased by both the Red and Blue Players continues onward to the blue Goalkeeper who PICKS IT UP with the onrushing attacker only a few steps away.
Let us work through it:
1. The ball was KICKED by a Blue Defender
2. The ball was neither DEFLECTED or MIS-DIRECTED.
3. So, the pass, in the opinion of the Referee,.was DELIBERATE. Thus the violation.
It is irrelevant that the pass was ARGUABLY not to the Goalkeeper.
The Goalkeeper CLEARLY  HANDLED  the ball that came to him DIRECTLY from the KICK of his teammate.
 The Goalkeeper in this instance should have played the ball in some other way. Unfortunately the Goalkeeper chose to Picked it up ( Handle ) thus removing the ball from active challenge by the Red attacker. 
Caution: Referees, remind your OTHER OFFICIALS ( A/R ) during your pre-game- meeting to be alert for  a pass back when the action is within the Penalty Area and even more if it is close to the Goal Area.
There is where you may see defenders making  a short pass into the hands of the Goalkeeper to prevent
an attacker from getting hold of a lose ball too close for to the goal.
It is more difficult for the Referee to see this happening than for the A/R.
Even more difficult it is for that Referee who believes that being a  Center Referee  means .....stay close to the Center Circle............( a low blow for sure......shame on you Paul !!!!! ).
Oh well, what can I say? I am too young to understand certain things'

Continuing Education

Ladies and Gentleman
Now that the Fall Season is underway in all Regions, I will once again start  a program of continuing Education for Referees that was recommended to all of us some 3 years ago.
Due to the numerous changes of the FIFA/AYSO Laws of the game that went into effect June 1/2017, I have decided to publicize them once again  with the hope that by the time of the Area play-offs we will all be on the same page.
I am trying to follow our Area Director style of brevity. But at times it is not possible.
Also, I am not following the sequence of the FIFA/AYSO Laws of the game as written. Some of them had very minor changes.for clarification or cosmetic reasons. 
So, I will send out a condensed version of those FIFA/AYSO Laws that most effect our officiating and our games.
The work I will send out is intended only as an aid and possibly a quick reference. It is not in any shape or form intended to replace the Official FIFA/AYSO publication of the Laws or any other publication
on the subject coming from Section 1 or the National Headquarters.
It is my strong recommendation to our Regional Commissioners  that a copy of these publications be also distributed to our coaching Staff.
Thank you......Paul

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